Afrotopia is a travel agency focused on providing experiences in Africa and the rest of the diaspora. Established in 2019, we curate travel experiences that pertain to African culture, history, food, fashion, and entertainment. Ezekiel Benson, an African-born and American raised traveler, saw a true need to provide experiences and education of Africa through travel. Through travel he has been determined to combat the misrepresentation of African travel.

Africa is a continent that offers more experiences than any other continent on the planet. With over 50 countries, where else can you find white sand beaches, the Big Five, the world’s most beautiful sunsets, the birthplace of humankind, The Pyramids, the best nightlife, and the nicest people on the planet?

What do you think sets you apart from other Africa travel companies? When you book with Afrotopia you are not just a tourist. From our years of traveling on the continent we have established relationships and a network that feels more like family. Our experiences, accommodations, and tour operators have been picked by our team. You can rest assured that you're staying at hotels and villas that we’ve trusted and stayed for ourselves and our own friends and family.